Taormina, Syracuse and the Sea


 The 13th October    

It was time to go on another trip to Taormina and Siracuse, two wonderful places. It was known that it would not be a deep visit because we had not much time but even so, we decided to go. At least we would have an idea of how the two towns looked like.

At 6.15 in the morning, oh God! We were all ready to enter the bus. There we went towards Taormina with a very talkative and even annoying driver, who would never shut down and had an opinion about everything and everybody. Marianna and Roberto were the leaders this time and had to manage the crowd and the driver as well.

In Taormina, the buses don’t go up the hill. There are special local shuttles to take people up. We needed not 1, not 2 and not even 3 as we were many. Up in Taormina we walked around the town especially the main street from one end to the other and were fascinated by the different things they had to sell in pottery. Then we decided to visit the Roman and Greek theater and what a magnificent experience. Students could enter for free but teachers had to pay a fee. Students loved to see the theater, as they could see how people spend their free time in ancient times. The deadline was 12.00, so we had to hurry to catch the shuttle. After Taormina we would go to Syracuse thus we were pressed by time. Unfortunately, some Greek students got lost and we were late and out of our planning schedule, but soon they arrived and we succeeded in going to Syracuse.

There we decided not to go to the archaeological site but to go around the town till the border of the sea and to have a stroll in the interesting, narrow streets. We spent some time in the Duomo and in the Cathedral as we believed it was worth a quick visit. Around the Duomo, we could see many people wandering about since there was a game about the European Union and there was a lot of police screening the people who passed through. Again, two students got lost since they went to another bus station and we waited for them for some time but they couldn’t find their way to where we were. So, our driver decided to fetch them.

We were forced to arrive around 18.00 because drivers can only drive for 12 hours straight and ours had begun at 6 a.m. Back in Pozzallo we had time for a little rest, a shower and to get ready for dinner at a cool restaurant all together: teachers, students, and families.


The menu was giro-pizza (a pizza came to the table and people got a piece and ate and waited for more to come) and Pizza with Nutella for dessert. It was simply a blast although students are not used to eating pizzas with fish (that are really good and exquisite). The overall environment was cheerful and students, at a certain point, decided to sing different songs including the anthem of their countries. So, we had the chance to sing ours and to listen to the other countries ‘anthem as well.

The night was already long when we returned to the hotel and students to their hosts ‘houses. Beautiful, but a tiring day with a nice ending and the phantom in the air that it was almost finishing this wonderful adventure.


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