MODICA…Chocolate and much more

The 12th October

Early in the morning, it was time to work in the Lyceum working in groups, trying to decide which photos would be part of the exhibition. This was a way of showing all the others what their work had been about. They had the opportunity to know the school and work in their original groups.

The Belgian team continued the work they had been doing.

It was necessary that the members of the group chose one or two photos they had taken and then those photos would be developed in the same size and would be displayed in Spazio Cultura.

The work was till 12.00 because at 13.00 we all met at Remembrance Square to go to Modica and Ragusa that were not very far. This way we could know two more towns and somehow we were curious because in Modica there was a surprise for us. But we would only know that at about 18.00. We knew we were going to a Chocolate Museum, so we expected it had something to do with that, a well-known product of this town.

Ragusa was nice to visit because all these towns small or big have big monuments, churches, and parks. Ragusa even had a small train to take tourists around. As we had not much time we decided to go around on foot, and it was very nice. Our stroll ended in the park with lots of palm trees where we could sit down and enjoy the scenery and the silence.

Everybody was now tired but happy with the work done and also with the trips around as they gave us a sense of Sicily, of its beauties, pastries, ice-creams, juices, some normal some millegrano (pomegranate), fantastic, by the way.

Modica has some fantastic places to see and most of us went up an unending stair to see the cathedral and the cozy streets and wonderful buildings around.

At six we were all in front of the Chocolate Museum where we saw some pieces (a Vespa, a bench, …) made of chocolate. We also had the chance to see some paintings in chocolate – Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd.

When we thought that was it we were led to a special room where the whole map of Italy was together with the islands, made of chocolate, with some of the most important landmarks like Coliseum, Pisa Tower, St Peter’s Cathedral…

It was a blast seeing all that, very big, the size of a room, made of chocolate. Then the president of the union came, welcomed us and told us that the Prince of Monaco had been in the same place the day before and that they had made a special edition chocolate for him, for his entourage and they decided to do a special edition for us too.

Everybody clapped their hands noisily and thanked as they were very happy with the gesture. As they only offered that to some teachers, teacher Teresa decided to buy some more for the teachers involved in the project as a token for everybody to remember that glorious day and the mobility in Pozzallo. That was that. Time to go back to Pozzallo fulfilled with our doings and the prize we had received in Modica. This time we were not pressed by the time of the driver because it was only a half-day trip.

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