Bye Bye Pozzallo…See You some day



The 14th October

Time to close all the activities done during the week and say farewell to those who received us so extraordinarily. Two groups would go to Catania in the afternoon and the others would stay some time more. Everybody could sleep a little more comparing to the other days and should have their luggage ready to leave in the afternoon.



We met in Spazio Cultura again where the photos which were chosen the previous day were already displayed. Everybody felt emotional, not all because of the wonderful and graphic photos but also because the week was finishing and it was time for goodbye. The photos reported the feelings of the students in the different groups and their experience with the immigrants, the gestures, the expressions, the laughter, the faces, the movements of their bodies…were representative of the group feelings and emotions, for sure. It was really a great work and something that no one will forget. Those photos were better than a thousand words.

By watching their faces I realized that they had a mixture of happiness and sadness, of companionship, understanding, pity and anger, solidarity and hope… as life was really so different for many people and we, most times, don’t cherish what we have and don’t give the true value to our life. We heard the immigrants talk about their hopes, their dreams, and their lives.  They then decided to write simple sentences in each other’s T-shirts so as to catch that moment forever. I could see tears in many students ‘eyes and I am sure they were really feeling the sadness of going home as they had spent a wonderful week together.

It was time to thank all those who contributed to the success of the week and teacher Teresa (great leader) together with her team: Marianna, Roberto and Filippo were, no doubt, great workers to put everything in motion for a week with so many people integrating the group. Well done!

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